How to: MuseScore

For each song click SATB to download.  Click PDF to print.
To play,  select the downloaded SATB file from your download folder on your PC .

If you have a desktop or laptop Windows PC then Click HERE for instructions.

If you have an Apple computer or a smart phone, the main MuseScore app will not work for you, but an alternative will be added later.

To playback songs on an android tablet MuseScore Songbook might work.

  • Go to your app store and search for MuseScore Songbook, to this site for iPads/iPhones or this one for Android devices.
  • Purchase (the cost is a bit under $3) and install Songbook.
  • Once you’ve installed MuseScore, you can open songs you have saved in the normal way: by selecting from the list in the application in the normal way. You can also select songs to download and play from MuseScore list on the Gospel Folk website secure area.
  • You can vary volumes or mute specific voices with the “Mixer”, using the “” icon on the right side of the bottom toolbar.
  • You can start and stop playing by pressing the “„” in the screen toolbar. You can start playback anywhere by pressing on the note where you wish to begin.
  • You can select a section to repeat by pressing the “” and pressing first the start point bar and then the end point bar.
  • You can change the tempo and key of the song using the settings “” icon or “” icons, depending on your device.
  • To have a printable copy of the song you must also download the PDF version from the Gospel Folk website.
  • If you have any difficulties, please send John Schmidt an email with your problem and he will assist you.

For more information see the Musescore developers Website